A Selection from The Fish

Arty Gill went down
to the cafe that Saturday morning
to have coffee with the boys and that's all
until he found Cephas Bilberry and Roy Talbert
ready to go fishing and he knew
that's what he wanted to do too more than life
even bought an extra case of Lucky Lager
so they could make sure
they all had good times
he was as happy as a goose
that found him a half pound of raw bacon
his wife Modean had to call B. L. Wayburn
at 10:12 that morning waiting long enough
for him to get done and back home for chores
to find out where he was
didn't even come home to change his clothes
only thing she'd told him he had to do
that day was fix the shelves in the closet
and clean out the storage shed
so she could get to the canning jars
with maybe one or two other odd jobs needed doing
he was going to hear about it
when he got back for sure
B. L. Wayburn sed he expected that to be a fact . . .

        --David Lee